₪₪₪ Four weeks have passed after IRS CP05 letter and no refund?

I filled on January 30th was accepted Feb 2 and I got a CP05 letter on March 2. Waited the three weeks, called back and they told me that they don’t understand what is the problem but my refund was confirmed and that I needed to call back today March 30 to get more information. I called this morning and the rep told me that it is still under review indefinitely due to back ups. What is really happening? My return is no different than years before, nothing changed actually is a smaller amount than last years, I do not understand what is happening. I feel like I am giving an interest free loan to the government. If it was the other way around they probably would have put a levy on my income or taken other measures. Any advice would help, Thanks!.
Called back again yesterday, and the lady at the IRS told me that the unit that was reviwing my return have confirmed the refund and should be releasing it soon. However, it can take up to 30 more days from March 17th in order for that to happen. Stil very confusing for me, one rep tell me it is beign hold and the other one tells me that I should get my refund soon. This is very frustrating.

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