₪₪₪ IRS levied my bank account, how do I cash checks?

The IRS sent a notice of levy to my bank, essentially closing the account because I can not afford the amount due to the IRS.

I need a way now to cash checks. I was looking into WalMart, but they ask for social security #.

1) How can I cash checks now?

2) If I cash a check at WalMart and provide my SSN, do they report the amount to the IRS?
I had 2 bank accounts and at this point I think the only one the IRS knows about is the one that paid me interest which was reported to the IRS.

I don’t think any of the answers are addressing the issue I raised. If I cash a check at walmart does walmart somehow report my SSN and that I cashed a check in a way that the IRS normally and routinely reviews?
If I wanted advise on how to deal with the IRS in repaying them I would have asked that.
The amount taken from my bank accounts is no more than USD 10! So it is not worth going after it. My bank, ING Direct, Did notify me that all deposits and withdrawls are frozen. I will contact them in 21 days to see if I can continue to use the account.

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